July 2012: Midsummer| Notes Archive


Something begins to change here in late July - birdsong, light quality, insect background noises - and we know that we live in a fickle climate with seasons moving along at a rapid pace. It’s all waxing and greening until midsummer, and then it all begins to wane and thin out. 

This has been a magnificent summer in Acworth, a reminder of what first brought the summer people here in the 19th century. There have been clear, shining days, with mountain breezes and cerulean skies, and, with the exception of a week or so of oppressive heat, we have had beautiful laundry-drying days all season.


There have been some extraordinary experiences, including a falconry lesson in nearby Deering at the New England School of Falconry.

And the everyday life here has had a special magic. A visit from the whole Schoemer clan, Doug, his wife Marie-alice, sons Jefferson and Henry, and Karen with her daughter Loretta, was a highlight.  The joint was really jumpin’ ! 

We celebrated Eno’s daughters too - Gina  coming from Los Angeles to Lake George with a motorcycle event, and a visit to Katie, her husband Sal, their twin 4 year old girls, and a darling baby named Charlotte. It sounds like one of those soppy Christmas letters, doesn’t it ?

We don’t go in for that stuff, so a small meander down the family path is unusual with us, and we just loved each minute. 

The NH  Dealers Show looms - August 9-11 - and, yikes, the jitters really set in.  The booth at that show is in my mind for the entire year. I swear, we move out on Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning I start thinking about next year. 

This is serious stuff. Fresh finds are imperative and the “save all year” mantra is no joke. I have some special things this year - a hooked rug which was the frontispiece of Mary Emmerling’s first book, “AMERICAN COUNTRY”, so meaningful to me because Mary and I go way back as friends, and that book brought all of us who were on the wave of “country” to the public. Also will be bringing the most wonderful child’s settle in blue/green paint, a fabulous grain bin, and the class of 2012 in cloth dolls for a redux of last year’s wall of dolls with a whole new cast of characters.

I hope you are coming.  It is a very special show.

Soon - fall, the season of seasons.  More later on that.  Thanks for reading.