September 2012: Early Autumn| Notes Archive


... is what life up here is about. We put aside daily chores and concerns and focus for a few weeks on the wonder of the movement of one season to the next. We know that this blazing glory is summer's last hurrah, and we will soon face the austere months of winter. Humans are a fickle lot, but no one ever gets complacent about fall color. Even seasoned Yankees manage to wax a bit poetic. I hope that some of you will manage a trip up north to share some time with us. We'll do our best to arrange a jaw-dropping display.

The list of preparations for winter is written and we begin the annual rituals which secure our homes and ourselves for the coming challenges. Sad to bring the thriving potted plants and annual herbs inside, defrost the valiant freezer to make room for this years batch of pureed tomatoes and
berries for winter pies and pancakes, cut down the summer's growth and mulch the borders, prepare the woodpile and kindling ... but, reassuring as well. We know the routine and we are all in it together, a community of nesters moving indoors to the special pleasures of hibernation.

Reference books at Acworth Silsby Library - 1891

Pictured above and in scenes below:
Acworth Silsby Library - 1891



Our little library bulks up its collections and we carry armloads of books back and forth, and bless that dear old building and the people who keep it full of good books and good cheer. We cut recipes to save for warming stews and soups, stock up on beautiful candles for atmosphere and necessity when the winds howl and the power goes off. And...we look forward to the interior life, especially the company of our family, animals and antiques, and we plan for the celebrations at Thanksgiving and Christmas. All year, as I shop for inventory, I tuck away little, meaningful gifts for family and special friends, and take pride in that stash which makes December shopping so much simpler.

I will be at Nan Gurley's Thanksgiving Sunday Show in Marlborough, MA, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. No early buying this year, so make a note of that. We love that show -- the holiday spirit is emerging and we enjoy connecting with each other before winter sets in. I have bought some of my favorite finds there. Some shows are magical, and that's that.
Please join us: Sunday, November 25, Royal Plaza Trade Center, Route 20 W, Marlborough, MA, 10 AM until 4 PM.