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I've just spent some time re-reading Notes essays in the Notes Archive and that has been an enlightening journey into how much change has come to our lives since the move from the Acworth house.

We bought this place in Walpole in January 2013, sold the Acworth house in May and moved in June. It is amazing to realize through my own writing that my relationship with NH life has changed drastically, and the intimacy with the natural world has morphed into more of a participation in the pulse of the life in a village. There are people out and about in Walpole - doing errands, taking their constitutional walks and bike rides, and the concentration has shifted for me from the quiet lives of plants and animals to the bustle of a thriving village.

Views of rolling hills have been replaced by views of historic architecture. It seems that as we age and accommodate to circumstances we learn that change is inevitable and sometimes drastic. People were more of a background in Acworth where here they are the heart of every day. One greets the man who organizes the post office recycling, the vibrant woman who makes sandwiches at our local gourmet grocery, the people at the bank, and the hustle and bustle make up the rhythm of everyday life. Solitude is sought rather than the rule of life, and our routine is dramatically different. We have a cast of characters passing through our days and a whole new set of experiences to enjoy. It's different. I would not trade the Acworth years for anything, but I find that society is a good thing, and being a part of community life gives a strong and rewarding structure to one's daily life. I imagine that winter will bring a whole new flavor to life here, when we all huddle by our fires and snuggle under our quilts. We shall see.

The 18th and 19th centuries are very much alive here in the many, many houses that have survived and been lovingly restored. People here cherish their houses as integral parts of the village and take deep pride in keeping them up. We are certainly in that group, having brought our tiny place back from years of anonymity in the shadows of its magnificent neighbors. It has been fun to give it an identity, and we are constantly stopped by passers'-by for their thoughts and comments. Walpoleans are not shy!! They are alert to every nuance and we are touched by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we are receiving.

One day before we actually moved in, Eno called me to the front parlor window. "Look" and I did - at the glorious roof lines, gables, small-paned windows, and architectural angles of the past. Our view had changed from a big sky and a very old road to the sublime beauty of the buildings of the past. Now those places all have identifiable occupants who add to the delightful variety of village life.

Just like leaving the NHADA Show after years of commitment, this move has spearheaded a new set of experiences in everyday living, and it will usher us more gently into the inevitable aging of the years ahead. Hopefully, it was very pre-mature, but we had to grab the brass ring when we wheeled by it.

I am finding my little business to be thriving in a much different way too. More happens here at home because I am here to attend to it. I really enjoy giving all my attention to my kindred customers and friends, who love what I love and long to see what news comes from this spot.

Here is a list of the shows where you will find me in Fall 2013 - Winter 2014. I am looking forward to meeting and greeting again after this awesome hiatus. Please come to visit.

  • The Okemo Antiques Show - Vermont Week - Okemo Mountain Resort, Ludlow, VT : Friday, Oct 4 : 3 to 6 PM (Preview) and Sat, Oct 5: 10AM to 4 PM.
  • Nan Gurley's Thanksgiving Sunday Show in Marlborough, MA, at the Royal Plaza Trade Center, Rte 20 W, Marlborough, MA; Sunday, Dec 1, 10 AM - 4 PM.