July 2014: Now... Really Summer | Notes Archive »

We are all humbled by the magnificent weather this spring and summer. After the violent winter, why not scorching heat and humidity to follow? the Yankee speculators ask. But so far, the days have been glorious, and good summer weather restores even the most hardened among us. We can, of course, still find things to complain about - "Too dry" "Too cold". Not me! It is magnificent and my spirits are soaring.

Having scaled down on appearances at shows, I find I am working less and trying to give myself permission at the ripe age of 73 (!) to enjoy it. Easier said than done. We antiques dealers are a relentless bunch, constantly on the hunt for our own holy grail, the find of a lifetime lurking just around the corner in a junk shop. Never mind that after 43+ years on the prowl I have yet to make that stunning discovery - some nice things, yes, but not the ultimate coup. It amazes me how much it is a way of life to be a dedicated dealer. Every day brings renewed dedication to the search for treasure.

We have totally altered our lives with the move the our tiny Walpole house. Little did I know in January of 2013 that just 1 1/2 years later I would actually have days free of pressure.

That said, things seem to throw themselves into my path - a miniature chest with an applied carved horse on the front panel, a 5 slat back maple child's ladder back chair, a small wonderfully early black doll from the precious collection of one of my oldest and dearest doll friends, and others have found their way into the back of the Subaru. It is a way of life and the joy of this vocation is that we can adjust our businesses to our circumstances. So... never fear! I will be making discoveries, maybe even better ones, in this incarnation.

The garden thrives, and brings scores of new acquaintances into our world here. It still amazes us that the pocket garden, surrounded by a creative picket fence, had not been "done" in the village. I have mixed very delicate and breezy annuals among the perennials, such as verbena bonariensis and cosmos, and added the herbs I use in my cooking, to the mix. It is not a "potager", as one of my gardening gurus had suggested early on, but it is pretty and useful, all in a really tiny space. Small is beautiful, and though there is always upkeep in a beloved garden, it is at a minimum here. I may yet turn into the gardener I have always wanted to be.

Lazy summer afternoons are sometimes spent on the tiny back deck, a totally unexpected quiet and private space at the very end of the "shotgun" style house. This spot has a magnificent view of the steeple of the Congregational Church next door with its church bells and voices joined in hymns at Sunday service. We love the circling, chirping bats "in the belfry" at dusk ! The yard is completely fenced, and so our beloved dogs can be there with us, with complete freedom to roam the albeit minimal yard. With a glass of sun tea laced with lemon and fresh mint from the garden in hand, does life get any better ? Our only interruptions are the Pastor's laughing children next door, the barking terriers across the street and our neighbor practicing his handmade violin or handmade harpsichord . It is all new to us to be part of a vital community - life constantly happening - and that is engaging and wonderful. For us, growing old means leaving the profound solitude of really rural country life and being surrounded by the hustle of everyday living.

Is it possible that all this will soon turn to foliage and winter?