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Fall Butterfly
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We have had our first real blush of fall — some color on the hills, pumpkins at the farm stands and on doorsteps, and cool air. So wonderful! I think antiquers are fall people. The show schedule resumes with the regular annual events, and everyone seems re-invigorated for the quest to find stuff.

We join the parade. Yesterday Stone House in Chester had its fall open house and Chris McNulty and the indomitable Kay Tucker deck the place in autumn decor, with mums and pumpkins and dry hydrangea blossoms everywhere, and they set out good home made foods. Hey Chris!! How do you make those fabulous meatballs? Their work to make this happen is incredible. There really are some great, dedicated people in our business. We should all support them. Of course, the dealers at Stone House spruce up their showcases and booths with fresh stuff, and, all in all, it’s quite a weekend. There are 3 of these Open House events at Stone House every year and they are worth your attention.

We are having our own personal celebration today with an early fall Turkey Dinner on the menu. While Eno watches his favorite Sunday morning tv show, I have been preparing. Turkey is in the oven, real stuffing has been put together, the turkey innards are simmering with vegetables to make the broth for the gravy, fresh cranberry sauce is cooling on the counter, and we even have a leftover apple pie for dessert. We will pull it all together later with haricots vert and Eno’s famous mashers.

The sun is out, but there is a tiny chill in the air and so it is really appropriate. The dogs will be watching for their share.

I have a new presence on Dig Antiques — — and it has been great. Tom and Sheila Baker welcome all of us to be part of this concept, and I hesitated - unfortunately. They have made it so EASY! You are in complete control of your little internet shop, and the fees are nominal and fair. Tom and Sheila do such a good job and are there for some hand-holding at the start, and for me, before I knew it, my little shop was launched. I have bought really well from my fellow dealers on Dig and highly recommend that you shop us. You will be delighted at the dealer list: real country, hard-working dealers with fairly priced antiques.

Before we know it, we will have elected a brand new president. All I can say is: Yikes. Hopefully our business will boom after it’s all over. I reluctantly took the Bernie sticker off my car when he graciously stepped out of the race. It was a treat to have a neighbor from Vermont on the stump.

So... please vote, and please support all the dealers working hard to find good antiques at affordable prices. Winter’s coming. There will be plenty of down time for solitary pursuits. My pile of books is growing. Waiting for my turn to read the latest Louise Penny mystery. Walpole has a cult of Penny followers and we try to be patient so everyone gets a turn. If you haven’t discovered her, you are in for a serious treat.


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