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Settling In

Something I read today affirmed my commitment to the dark months here in the north. All the flurry around leaf peeping is over; the recurring fall excitement of lots of antiques events is behind us; the snowbirds have flown their coops and are in their condos down south; the exhausting social whirl of summer and early fall is a memory. We are settling in. The click of the front door - as we begin to feel serious chills in the house - has a reassuring sound.


The animals curl up rather than stretch out and the foods of winter begin to appear on our table. For some it is doomsday; for me, it is comforting. I think that village living has added security to the dark months. We are just a stone’s throw from our sweet town center, not removed from civilization as we were for all those years in Acworth. Power outages are rare here; they were the bane of winter in Acworth. Human interaction is just a few minutes away and those brief encounters at the post office or library can be very satisfying. Of course, woe to those who don’t treasure solitude - reading, cooking, playing with antiques. Eno goes to his shop every weekday and so I have become accustomed to time alone in this tiny, old house. We are into our fifth year here and adjusted to the different rhythm of the days. The cat follows me from room to room, and he and I enjoy many hours of quiet and calm. I try to give him attention, lavish him with compliments on his loyalty and acceptance. He is a magnificent companion.

A word here about “playing” : This is a very important component of solitude. People always wonder about my interest in cloth dolls. Reader, I have always loved them!! A day in the house can sometimes provide spare time to spend with the dolls who live here —dusting them, finding new spots for them to perch, selecting one or two for special locations where they get more attention. I am fortunate that my husband shares this delight and never fails to notice some change in the display. They fly in and out as they get sold and new ones are discovered, but there are a few stalwarts who have spent many, many years with us, for one reason or another. Some simply don’t want to leave, as valiantly as I offer them to the world; others, mostly the simplest - mean so much and bring people and places of the past to mind - well, they must stay. Each has a unique presence. Doll-lovers always take a lot of ribbing about their hobby and passion, but it is such a benign pursuit, and keeps us childlike in spirit.

Dolls Dolls Dolls
Glimpses inside the Doll Cupboard

Winter is an especially joyful playtime.

I have joined a very bright and interesting new antiques co-op in Westmoreland, NH, called FLYING PIG ANTIQUES. This shop is really different. The moment you walk in the door you are hit with real country antiques and lots of furniture. It is full of the young, active folks in the business and enthusiasm abounds. The owner, Marlo Paju, is terrific, has her sleeves rolled up and is ready for action. It’s fun to be in the company of this crowd and things are really selling. It is at 867 Route 12, between Bellows Falls and Keene, in an industrial complex with easy access from the road and lots of parking, a great mix of dealers, with a serious focus on country. Marlo is on Facebook, and the site is: www.flyingpigantiquescooperative.com

Garland Mittens
My mini mitten garland for sale for $30.

The holidays are special this year as we have had a meaningful rapprochement with old friends. After a silly and prolonged silence among us, we are back together, happier and stronger than ever. This means that we will be sharing Christmas in our little house with them. Beware of issues separating you from people you deeply care for. Open the window and let it all blow away as the fresh air streams in!

Eno and I and our darling animals wish you all the happiest of winter seasons. And... a peaceful Christmas.

Christmas Decor Christmas Decor
Scenes of Christmas