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I needn’t mention the awful heat this past summer to anyone in the northeast. Suffice it to say that maybe we spent more time indoors than out during the season meant to fill us to the brim with fresh air and sunshine — enough to sustain us through the real indoor season — winter. It will be tough to seamlessly move into the next months without the many joys of summer. But, we will... and we will hope that the cool weather coming will invigorate us as we do the winter preparations. It seems that up here in NH we just love to talk about weather. My theory is that if you enjoy winter, you can complain in the heat of summer. If you favor the heat, go ahead and complain about winter. Just try not to complain about everything!

The mantra up here is : “if you don’t like the weather today, wait just a minute, and it will change.”

That said, it was a productive summer for antiques — The new Flying Pig Pick yielded good stuff, and a few forays north and south were also productive.

Cloth dolls have been showing up, which makes me happy. Even found some things at a few auctions; not my usual venue. These things, albeit the less expensive ones, show up on my DIG site — www.digantiques.com — but there is price resistance and that can be frustrating. Readers — we dealers are not miracle workers, and dump picks went out long ago. Good things usually cost and we have to step up! Seems one thing the economy has produced is an impression that we dealers are VERY vulnerable to negotiation, and that is just partly true. I like the stuff to move around; that’s dealing to me. But one can’t sustain a business on nothing!!! Please bear with us...

There are just the tiny brushes of color on the tips of the trees. Oh, the glorious days of fall in NH. Our senses are jolted with energy, and a feeling of urgency to get things buttoned up and tight for winter emerges. I love this time of year. Dealers love change. Moving things around, selling this, buying that... That drive feeds our commitment. Time to take the fireboard in the kitchen away and lay the first wood fire of the season. Time for the joys of comfort foods like pot roasts and stews, and getting back to baking again. it really was too hot this summer to turn the oven on unless absolutely necessary. Here are a few things I have found recently which are special to us. Please email for more photos or details.

Meantime, we wish you a wonderful harvest season with colorful vistas and warm encounters.


Mini assemblage of men’s clothing for salesman Tiny doll beaded Native American moccasins Ribbon Sampler
Mini assemblage of men’s clothing for salesman Tiny doll beaded Native American moccasins Large sample book of antique ribbons collected by E. Traphagen

Mini chair with house scene Quilt Great black doll
Mini chair with house scene Darning quilt for doll Great black doll

Teddy in antique bad Group of Hannah Davis boxes Dated sheet metal horse weathervane
Teddy in antique bed Group of Hannah Davis boxes Dated sheet metal horse weathervane

Red Amish bird A Little Party Windmill
Red Amish bird A Little Party Small windmill whirligig

Rocking Horse Black doll Checker Board
Doll’s rocking horse Black doll Checkerboard in box