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Pumpkin Stand

The only thing totally reliable is change. A rather disappointing fall, with lots of rain and the vivid reds and oranges mysteriously absent from our foliage, is coming to an end. Clocks change on Sunday and going out at night becomes a much less desirable option. I get the cookbook pile going, and filter through all the recipe clippings in my folders and boxes. Another addiction: the inability to resist clipping recipes. I certainly won’t live long enough to make a dent in the pile, but I still can’t resist. Admittedly, I have made some remarkable discoveries along the way, and that just feeds the habit. Last week I made a chocolate cake recipe from the NY Times, touted to have been served to and approved of by Julia. Instead of flour, it had amaretti cookie crumbs, and a chocolate ganache on top. Very successful. I have a very appreciative husband, as long as I stay away from “weird” stuff. He likes to know what he’s eating, and I can’t blame him. Every now and then he’ll say: “Be sure you don’t lose this one.” My mind is certainly bursting its boundaries with recipes.

Pies Pies

I think a successful old age depends upon the stimulation of adapting to change. Some demon moves into our psyches which seems to make us resistant to upsetting the apple cart. Antiques dealers thrive on change. We adapt to selling what might have been an integral part of our surroundings, and simply go out in search of something else. Very few objects achieve the status of “not for sale”, especially at this point in our careers. Success depends on getting the high when we sell an object and make someone else happy. It usually takes a few days for me to live with a new acquisition to then decide what to sell it for, and let it go. There has to be that initial commitment to own something, or else why would another person want it ? When we buy a few new things, I lay them out right in the activity center of the house. That way we get to know the objects and feel the direction of their paths. Eno - more often than I — will say: “Can’t we keep that for a bit ?” Usually, I roll my eyes, but sometimes a little dot will stay for a spell. Eventually, he forgets and I move it along. He is not the dealer in the house!! He has become central to Kathy Schoemer Antiques. This Thanksgiving, we celebrate 28 years married, and 9 together before that. It’s hard to believe that my second incarnation is now much longer than my first. Bless this man who has enriched my life and given unstintingly to the goodness of every day.

Contentment is Happiness

I want to give a shoutout for Joshua and Rachel Gurley — Nan’s kids — who are valiantly picking up the mantle and managing great New England shows this winter— notably in Boxborough, MA, and the Thanksgiving Marlborough Show in Marlborough, MA. These are excellent buying and selling venues for those of us who love real American country antiques. I have had very successful visits and bought good, fairly priced stuff, and visited with loads of friends in the business. Nan’s kids are doing a superb job and we must get on the bandwagon to help them. See the details at Gurley Shows website: www.gurleyantiqueshows.com

Happy Thanksgiving readers. Many of us treasure this purely American day of celebration, especially the foodies among us.

Fall Table Top